Services Offered

Individual Therapy

Our initial session will be used as a time for us to become more acclimated. At the beginning of our session, I will address any questions you may have about my Professional Disclosure Statement which includes your consent for treatment and your Counseling Intake form will be used as a guide to help clarify why you are seeking treatment. You will have the opportunity to describe the issues that you deem problematic.

Your description will help me assess the severity of your problems. Assessments are most accurate when you are able to provide a narrative context. Your story is critically important. Therefore, in subsequent sessions I will invite you to tell me about your life. Likely, over time, we will begin to see your life’s themes and patterns emerge.

Toward the end of our initial session, we will briefly review what you revealed. You will have the opportunity to ask questions about my therapeutic approach and determine if we are a good fit for each other professionally. Remember, therapy is a full-bodied experience and, often, I will ask you to give attention to what you are feeling and where.

Group Therapy

Often less expensive than individual sessions, group therapy can be a cost effective treatment for addressing your problems in a small group environment with others who have related issues. Group therapy, among many benefits, allows you the opportunity: to receive feedback from your group; to have others bear witness to your story; and to realize the impact of your style of relating.

Counseling for Families

At times, family dysfunction can feel overwhelming. With appropriate treatment, issues within the  family unit can be addressed. Because the individual is part of a larger interpersonal system, I will give added attention to how transactions within the family have shaped your style of relating, personality, and behavior.

Counseling for Couples

At times, intimate relationships can veer off course. Counseling for couples can be a helpful means of obtaining a mutually satisfying relationship. Your desire to work through problems in your relationship is a hopeful place to enter this relational work. Although it can be challenging, the end result of having worked through your issues as a couple can lead to more intimacy, trust, and pleasure.