Beauty for Ashes Counseling

Linda Royster, Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor

Beauty for Ashes Counseling is birthed from my long-held dream of bringing therapeutic treatment to those affected by trauma. As the name indicates, my work at Beauty for Ashes Counseling presumes that everyone has stories of harm that affect our past, present, and future. You can exchange your ashes, the debris from traumatic stories, for the beauty of a well-known, well-lived, and well-loved life.

It takes tremendous courage to (re)enter painful stories. I believe revisiting your past is a necessary step toward shaping a personally meaningful present reality and realizing future hopes. This relational interaction of past, present, and future is an integral part of how I practice as a psychotherapist. My hope, as a result of our therapeutic work, is that you will become awe-filled by your story and allow your sense of awe to transform how you relate and how you step into your future.